Refunding Orders Through Your MenuDrive Control Panel

Gaining Access to your MenuDrive Control Panel

In order to refund online orders through MenuDrive you will need to login into your MenuDrive control panel. You can do this by visiting in your preferred browser. Next, you want to click on the blue login button at the top right and enter your login information. Once logged in select the appropriate location. 

***If you have forgotten your login information select Forgot Password. We are unable to reset this for you.


Refunding Online Orders

Once logged into your account you will see the following page:


1) Click on the order history tab under the analytics section.

2) This page shows all online orders from newest to oldest. Find the order you wish to return by either navigating by page or selecting a date range at the top. 


3) Once you find the order you wish to return, under actions, click on the "return" button to refund the order. The customer should have the money in their account within 1-2 business days.

NOTE:  You are unable to complete partial refunds through this channel.  To complete a partial refund you will need to contact your third party credit card gateway.


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