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Disabling the Receipt Auto-Emailer

When using as your Credit Card Gateway, we recommend you disable's Receipt Auto-eMailer, especially if you are using 1 or more of the following Order Notifications:

  • POS
  • IP Printer
  • Zip Printer
  • Fax


1. We recommend you go to your Merchant Portal and click on Settings.


2. Click on "Email Receipts" under the "Transaction Response Settings".


3. Uncheck "Email transaction receipt to customer (if email address is provided)".



Reason Why You Want To Disable

Here is an actual example of what can happen if's Receipt Auto eMailer is ON and there is an error with the IP Printer.

1. Patron Places the Online Order with a Credit Card.

2. successfully CAPTURES payment and Auto-eMail's the Patron that their (payment) transaction has been made.

    * also sends an Auto-eMailed receipt confirming the CAPTURE to the Merchant

3. MenuDrive gets a successful CAPTURED response from

4. MenuDrive tries to send the order to the IP Printer but some error that occurred.

5. The Online Ordering platform gets back an error from the IP Printer and issues a VOID transaction to

6. The patron is then redirected back to their shopping cart with an error message.

7. Patron checks their eMail and sees an eMail "Receipt" from however, this entire online order has been VOIDED.

8. Patron walks in to store expecting their food to be ready when there were no notifications sent out.


How To Distinguish Between The Different Receipts

1. MenuDrive Receipt format sent to the Patron and Merchant



2. Receipt format sent to the Patron (if Auto-eMailer is on)



3. Receipt format sent to the Merchant


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