Patrons cannot place online orders

Trouble Shooting Issues with placing online orders.


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Your online ordering website is controlled by your Admin Control Panel.  This panel is very important and you are given access to it when you have a live account.  The link to the login site is  If you do not know your Login you will need to email support at  Support will email it to the email we have on file for your account.  For security purposes we will not email it to any other account without verification.

Once you log into your Admin Control Panel you can fix the online issues.  If it is not a good time to fix the issue click on the “Turn On/Off Ordering” toggles and save the settings.  *Note if you do not save the settings the update will not take effect. 

When your site it turned off it will display a message that you can view the online ordering site but you must call to place the order.

Trouble Shooting 2 types of issues. 
- Customers cannot place online orders
-You are not receiving online orders

Customers cannot place online orders

When customers cannot place online orders it is most likely a configuration issue.  For example you get to the checkout page but you cannot select a time, it is a store hour issue.  “See Store hours”.  Below is what section to check Depending on your issue.

  1. Cannot select a time or checkout. This would before you enter any credit card information 

Solution - This issue is with your Store Hours.  Please Visit Store Hours to resolve this issue.

  1. Your Credit card orders are not going through. To make sure it is just a credit card issue place a test order with cash.  If it goes through then place a test order with a credit card.  Either the Credit card form will not load or you will get this error when submitting the online order.  

Solution - This is with your credit card setup.  Check  your credit card Gateway Setup

  1. If you try to complete an order with cash and you get this error

Solution - This means your online orders are pointing somewhere and it is not making it to your destination.  If you are not integrated to a POS integration please check IP Printing If you are integrated to a POS machine please see POS Issues

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