You are not receiving online orders

Please see “Order Receiving Methods” To see all receiving methods.  We recommend using a backup method in all cases.

1.  Failed Faxes- If your faxes are failing please see "Setting up Email and Fax and Text Messages"

2.  Printer is not printing the online orders - See “Troubleshooting Auto Print” Unless you have a ZipNotify printer or you are integrated to a POS system.

3.  Order Dashboard is not pulling in the online orders – See Setting up Dashboard

4.  IP Printer is not printing online orders – Note*, this is if you are you using the IP Printer receiving method.  If your online orders are still going through but they are not printing, this means you have enable “failed orders” in the setup.  See "IP Printing Setup/Troubleshooting Errors"

For all other technical issues please see the documentation on the specific subject.  For example, if you have coupon that is not working properly see "Coupons"

Most Articles have a tutorial video.  Feel free to view the tutorial video to understand how the system works.


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