Troubleshooting Auto Print

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Auto Print errors

There are 2 errors you may get when using Auto Print.  One error is “Printer error” and the other error is “Order Not Confirmed”.  If you get a Printer error and you have “Unconfirmed orders” in the Admin Control Panel enabled then “Order Not Confirmed” will follow the “Printer Error”.

If you did not get a “printer error” but you received an “Order Not Confirmed” this means a printer did not pull in the online order.  If you are not using “Auto Print” then this error alert should not be enable in your account.  To disable this alert log into your Admin Control Panel, select your location, click on “My Account”, “Developer API” and Disable “Order Not Confirmed”.  Save after you uncheck the checkbox. 

If you are using Auto Print then first make sure Auto Print is running.  Look on the computer where Auto Print is setup and look to see if it says “APService is running” in the lower right hand side of your computer or look for the Icon on your taskbar.  The taskbar is on the bottom of your computer, it will show all the programs you have open such as “APService” or “Auto Print”.  If the program is not running the program should be on your desktop or in the startup folder under “All Programs”.  If Auto Print is running, close the program and reopen it.  You can close the program on the taskbar by right clicking on the icon and selecting “close”. 
*Note- The program is designed for a wired connection.  If you computer is running on Wifi then the program may need to be restarted.  The Wifi connection is not stable like a wired connection and it may cause issues. 
If you restart the program and it still does not pull in your online orders, restart your modem.  It is very rare but the router may block the program.  *Note that you do not want to reset your router.  This will clear out any settings you have.

AP Printer Error
If you receive a printing error, this means an order is being grabbed off of our servers but is not successfully printing. 

Please look on the Desktop in the lower right-hand side for APService(click Auto print on the desktop if you do not see this).   Next to APService Running or Stopped it says configuration.  Click on the configuration and make sure it is pointing to the correct printer.  Next, make sure it is set to “Shared Printer” and Not Ring” if the computer does not have volume.

Next make sure the Printer is “Ready”.  Go to Printers and Faxes on the Machine and look at the Printer that is being used for the Auto Print program.  Some printers say they have to initialize.  Just double click on the printer in this case.  If it says offline, Not Available, etc.  Please turn the printer off, disconnect the printer, reconnect the printer, and turn the printer on.  Once it says “Ready” restart APService aka “Auto-Print” and wait for the order to be grabbed again.




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