How to Set Your Store Hours

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Common Issues With Store Hours

The most common issues with store hours are not setting them up correctly and forgetting that Prep Time is taken into account.  Your customers will see something like this.

  1. How To Set Your Store Hours accounting for Prep Time

There are three sections in Store Hours

  1. Pick up Hours-These hours are for when your customers can pickup orders. It takes your Prep time into Account.  If your Pickup Time is set to “20 Minutes” then it will add 20 minutes and ask if the store is open.      a.  Example: If you Store is open until 10:00PM and someone orders at 9:45PM it will say the Store is Not accepting ASAP Orders (9:45 + 20 minutes = 10:05 PM)

To Resolve this issue Set you Pickup Time to 10:15PM.  Your customers will only see “General Business Hours”.  Customers do not see Pickup or Delivery Hours.

  1. Delivery Hours-These hours work the same way as Pickup Hours. Look at your Prep Time and calculate when you want your last online ordering coming in                                                                                                    a.  Example: Store closes at 10 PM and you want the last order coming in around 9:45 for Delivery orders. You will want to set Delivery Hours to 10:30PM if you have a 45 minute prep time. (9:45 + 45 minute prep time = 10:30PM)  Once again your customers will only see “General Hours”
  2. General Hours-These Hours are ignored by the system but are visible for your customers.                                                                                                     a.  Example: Friday hours may say 11AM until 2AM.  For your Patrons this would mean your store is open until 2AM in the morning.  If you set your Pickup and Delivery Hours from 11AM to 2AM your Store would show “Closed, Not Accepting orders at all times.  See Below



  1. Setting up Hours past 12:00AM

Handling Hours past 12:00AM

  1. If you Store is open past 12:00AM it is actually the next day.  Our brains read 2AM as “Late Friday Night” when actually it is 2AM Saturday.  Example: If you are open Friday night until 2:00AM your Store hours should be setup like this. 

          Notice Saturday from 12:00AM to 2:00AM is accounting for “Friday night’s hours” your General Store hours would look like this (See Below)

General Recap when Setting up Store hours.

  1. Account for Prep Time found under “Location Profile”

    2.  Pickup and Delivery hours should never go from AM To AM




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