Common Issues withBroadcasters

The most common issues with broadcasters is not having the run time set correctly or forgetting to turn them on. If a broadcaster is not showing up, you must check its set run time. If the run time is not set correctly, it will not show up. If the run time is set correctly and is not showing up, the broadcaster needs to be turned on. When setting up broadcasters, make sure to note both the run time and whether it is turned on or not.

What is a Broadcaster?

A broadcaster is a message that is displayed to the customer when they first arrive at the site. A few things broadcasters can be setup to do are: notifying customers of current specials, displaying items that may be out of stock, and advising customers about closures for holidays.


How to setup a broadcaster

  1. Navigate to the “Location Profile” page in the admin control panel.
  2. At the top of the page click the button.
  3. Click the “Create a New Broadcast” link to create a new broadcaster.
  4. Choose whether to have the broadcaster turned on or off after creating it.
  5. Choose a Broadcast Name. This will be title at the top of the Broadcaster.
  6. Choose whether this broadcaster will turn online ordering off or not. If it is a message about closing the store, this may be a desired option.
  7. Choose a run time. You can choose for the broadcast to happen every week on a certain day(s) (This is helpful if it is a message about a special that happens once a week). You can also choose a date range for the broadcaster (This is helpful for temporary store closures). When choosing times make sure to follow the same rules as when setting store hours (Link to store hours rules)
  8. Enter a message to display to the customer.
  9. Click  to save the broadcaster.


How to edit / delete a broadcaster

  1. Navigate to the “Location Profile” page in the admin control panel.
  2. At the top of the page click the  button.
  3. Click on the  buttons next to the desired broadcaster that you wish to edit or delete.
  4. If deleting, confirm the deletion.
  5. If editing, make changes and click the  button.
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