IP Printing Setup/Troubleshooting Errors

Receive orders with IP Printing

Here are the directions to setup IP Printing.  To troubleshoot any issues please see below.

Click here to see "Troubleshooting IP Printing" Video


Setup –In your Admin Control Panel, click on “Order Receiving Methods” and then “Setup IP Printer”

Step 1.  Choose your Printer Brand.  We recommend using either the SNBC Printer above or the Epson Printers in the drop down. 
Note* Our developers build the layout for these thermal printers.  If you have a different IP Printer you can just use the SNBC layout.  We only support the Epson and SNBC printers listed but you can try any printer that you have. 

Step 2.  Enter your Host IP Address.  At your restaurant location go to Your Host Address will be displayed.  Follow the IP Address with :port number.  Ex. 12.321.14.3:9100
Note* Make sure you use the there are no spaces and you use a Colon to define the port number. 9100 is the default port for IP Printer so it is most often used.  Use a Static IP Address so your IP Address does not change.

Step 3.  The online orders are sent to your Host Address on a port number.  It is your job to lead the order to your internal printer.  If it does not hit the printer then you must troubleshoot. 
Note* if you enable the “Ignore Fails” the online order will still go through even if the Printer does not print the order.  You must have a backup in this case.


Troubleshooting-If you are using the IP receiving method and you get this error it is because the online order cannot locate your printer.

An email alert will be sent to the email on file with the order and this error message

Error Result
RESPONSE: Sorry, we are experiencing technical difficulties and cannot accept online orders at this time. Please try again. If this problem re-occurs, please call our store to order. Thank you!
Error Code: 110

This error happens because of these issues.

  1. The IP Address is incorrect – Compare the IP Address in the Admin Control Panel with your Stores IP Address (Go to
    Note* If you go to and you are not at your restaurant or using your restaurants internet, the IP Address will be wrong. Example, You are at home and you try to troubleshoot this issue.  If you go to in your house, that is the IP Address for your location there.  Unless Online orders are suppose to go to your house, this will be wrong.
  2. Port Forwarding is not setup and/or the printer is turned off. -  If you go to you can enter your port number to see if the port is open.  If it is open then it will say “Success” once you check the port. 
    Note* Our Support team can explain the logic of setting up port forwarding but you may need an IT consultant to assist you.  There are many different network setups.  We can only support our software.
  3. You location has lost internet – Make sure you have internet.
  4. Issue with your Printer – Make sure Printer has paper and is on the network. Open a command prompt and ping your printer


IP printing setup can be difficult to setup if you do not have IT experience.  We strongly recommend an IT consultant.  This guide is an example of an IP setup.  IP Printing Guide Example

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