To make sure your Gateway is setup correctly please open this link and follow this simple guide. Guide

Troubleshoot if you are getting errors after following the guide above

 Click Here view Troubleshooting Credit Card Errors Video


Failed Credit Cards orders using 

If customer receives an error message that says “encountered an error” when placing a credit card order, follow the steps below to check the credit card transaction:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on Search at the top of the page
  3. Click on Unsettled or Pending transactions
  4. Click on View
  5. Find the transaction and click on the transaction ID to see the error message of why the transaction was declined, may be an issue with that card or may be an issue with your account or credit card processor account, you would need to contact them at this point.

If the credit card transaction is not showing this means the credit card transaction did not get to, next :

  1. In your account , in the Account page under Security Settings click on API Login ID and Transaction Key
  2. Generate a new transaction key by answering the security question and click Submit
  3. Copy and paste your new transaction key into your Mendrive admin panel under Credit Card Gateway Settings and click on Submit
  4. Verify your API Login ID is correct in your Menudrive admin panel
  5. Send a test credit card order through
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