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Common Issues withEmail & Mobile Marketing

Issue –Emails are not going out and Test order fails.

Solution- Setup Mail Server Settings.  We Recommend using a sendgrid account or using MenuDrive’s Default. 

*Note: Common Emails like “Gmail and Yahoo” will not work.  If you do not want to use MenuDrive’s Default we recommend a sendgrid account.

Two types of marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a way to send a message via email to all of your clients who have created an account and have chosen to receive email offers. Email marketing is a great tool because you can attach a coupon to the message being sent out to your customers. This is an excellent way to reach customers and have them come in for specials.


Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a way to send a message via text to all of your clients who have signed up for the loyalty program. This is a great way to let your customers know about certain specials that may be going on or any events that are coming up.

Steps to setup email & mobile campaign

Navigate to the Email and Mobile Marketing Page 

Start by clicking the  button to configure your mail server settings (Only if you are choosing email as part of your campaign). Choose either the default settings or enter custom email server settings in the popup box and click submit. (See below)

Submit and then Click on to start creating the campaign.

This box controls whether your email campaign is active or not. Make sure to click the submit button at the bottom after enabling or disabling your campaign.

Choose whether you want to send your campaign via Email, Text, or Both.

Enter the name of your campaign in this box.

Enter a title for the subject line that would be in the email your customer receives.

Choose what will trigger your campaign to go out. A good example would be choosing last order and sending a message out with a coupon for a free item after one of your customers hasn’t ordered from you for 30 days.

Depending on what option you chose above for the trigger; enter a time frame for your message to be sent. In our example above you would enter 30 days so that it sends out 30 days after the customer’s last order.

Format and enter your Email message in this box (Enter text message below). Click the HTML button if you wish to enter an HTML designed message for your campaign.

If you want a coupon to be attached to the message, you can select a coupon from a list of your coupons in the drop down box. Using the above example, I would attach the coupon for a free item here.

*Note:  If you attached a coupon on the recipients of the email will be able to use the coupon.  If you want the coupon to be available to everyone we recommend you send out an email however do not attached the coupon.  You can list the coupon under "Public Coupons" on your website. 

Enter the contents of your text message in this box.

Choose a date that you want your campaign to be activated. In most cases, this will be today’s date.

Choose an end date for your campaign. In the example above I would leave No End Date checked because this is an offer we will always have running. If your campaign is for one day only, choose an end date the same as the start date.

Note* If you can send out a test email but you notice your emails are not going out check your Start and End Date for the campaign.  The campaign needs to fall in these dates for it to be sent out.  Example.  Campaign running from September 1st to October 1st will not go out before September first or after October 1st.

Click the submit button to save your campaign.

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