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Common Issues with Coupons

The most common issues with coupons are because they are “inactive or they have past the expiration date.

User Error Message

Both of these settings are in the admin control panel under “Coupons”  Please see below



Issues with Coupons and Reward/Email Campaigns

The other coupon issues are forgetting to attach them to a reward or email campaign. If you do not attach the private coupon to the loyalty program or email campaign, anyone can use the coupon if code is discovered.


Where you can use coupons

Coupons are very useful and can be used in several places.  The simplest use of a coupon is just by itself, not attached to a reward program or email campaign. To use this type of coupon, the customer must know the coupon code and can then apply it during checkout. A coupon can also be attached to a rewards program or email campaign. 

See Rewards/Loyalty Program

See Email and Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Creating a Coupon

Navigating to the Coupons Page and Adding a Coupon

The first step to creating a coupon is to navigate to the coupons page in the admin control panel.

Once you are on this page you need to click   in order to start the coupon process.

Setting up your coupon

Once you’ve clicked on add a coupon, you will be taken to a page where you will choose all of the settings for your coupon.

  1. This radio button controls whether the coupon is active or not. If off is chosen, the coupon will not work for anyone including recipients of a reward program or email campaign.

  2.  This is where you will enter a unique coupon code. The code can be whatever you choose. This code will be entered during checkout to be applied to the order. (Suggestion): Use something simple if it is something you want your customers to remember it. EX: FREESTICKS)

  3.  These radio buttons control whether your coupon will discount the order by a percentage amount or by a fixed dollar amounts

  4.Enter either a dollar amount or a percentage amount in this box depending on what type of discount you chose above.

  5.  Choose a date that the coupon will become active. Choose today’s date if you want it to become active right away. (Choosing a future date is helpful if you want the coupon to only be used on a holiday or special event)

  6.  Choose a date that the coupon will be deactivated.Check the Never Expires button if you want the coupon to be active indefinitely.

  7.  These radio buttons control whether your customer will need to log in with their loyalty account in order to use this coupon. (This is helpful if you want customers to sign up for your loyalty program)

  8.  Use this dropdown box to choose how many times you want to allow a customer to use this coupon. If you do not require customers to log in to use this coupon then you will not be able to choose how many times they can use the coupon. NOTE: If you are attaching this coupon to your loyalty program choose 1 here (This will mean the customer can only use the coupon once each time they redeem their reward).  You can allow Rewards to be redeemed more then once under "Setting up Loyalty Program".

  9.  Use this box to enter a minimum subtotal if you require one. If the coupon can be used no matter how much the customer’s subtotal is, leave this box blank.

10.  Choose whether you want the minimum subtotal rule to be applied before or after the discount is applied to the order.

  11.  Choose whether want the minimum delivery amount rule to be applied before or after the discount is applied to the order. (See Delivery Settings in Location Profile for this rule.)

  12.  Choose whether you want your coupon to be public or private. If you choose Public, the coupon will be listed on your homepage by clicking on the coupons button.

If you choose Private, only customers who know the exact coupon code will be able to use the coupon. (Choose private if you are attaching to a loyalty program or email campaign.  If a coupon is attached to a campaign or Loyalty Program only customers how receive the email or redeem the coupon can use them.

Advanced Coupon Settings

Advanced coupon settings can be accessed by clicking on "Advanced Settings"

Advanced settings allow you to make specific constraints for your coupon.

  1. Use this field if you only want a specific list of people to use the coupon. If you are attaching this to a loyalty program, leave this blank.  It will populate if the coupon is tied to an Email Campaign or Loyalty Program.  Example: You have coupon tied to a loyalty Program and a customer redeems the coupon.  Their email address will populate here. 

  2.  Enter a description if you want to explain certain things about this coupon to your customer.  This is very important if you require a certain Item to be in the cart during checkout.  If you "Tie" an Item or Category to the coupon let the customer.  (See number 4 below)

  3.  If you want the coupon to have a picture attached, upload it here.

  4.  Choose yes if you want the customer to only be able to use this coupon if certain items are in their cart.

Use the criteria section to specify what items/items from a category must be in their cart to use this coupon. Choose the add more button to add additional items/items from a category to this constraint.

Things to Note about Coupons

1.  Make sure that every time you change a coupon setting that you navigate to the bottom of the page and click the "Submit"  button. If you don’t do this, nothing that you changed will be saved.

2.  Test the Coupon yourself before you make it available for your customers.

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