Loyalty & Rewards Program

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Common Issues with Loyalty

The most common issue with the loyalty program is forgetting to turn it on. Also note that if you do not check the box, the customer will only be able to get that reward once. It will not be an option the next time even if they have enough points to redeem it.

Starting Your Loyalty Program

. Navigate to the Loyalty Section of the Admin Control Panel by clicking on the  button.

2. Use the  slider to turn your loyalty program from off to on.

3. Enter a title for your loyalty program. (EX: Pizza Points)

4. Choose whether you want the customer’s rewards to be earned by the amount of orders they place or by the amount of dollars they spend.

5a. If you chose Dollars Spent above, choose how many points the customer will be rewarded for each dollar that they spend. Also choose whether you would like those points awarded to be based off of the customer’s subtotal or their total.

5b. If you chose Reward Orders Placed above, choose how many points the customer will be rewarded for each order they place.

6. If you choose to award points based on if the customer likes your Facebook page, enter the amount of points you would like to award them as well as your Facebook page admin ID.

7. Enter the terms and conditions of your program. By default, generic terms have been entered into the text editor. (These work in most situations)

8. Click the  button to complete the creation of your rewards program.


Adding Rewards to Your Loyalty Program

1. On the loyalty and rewards page in the admin control panel, click on the  button to start adding a new reward.

2. Enter a title for this reward in the title box. (EX: $5 off your next order)

3. Enter a description of what the reward is and how to use it.

4. Enter the amount of points required to redeem this award. (This amount of points will be subtracted from the customer’s loyalty account when they redeem this award)

5. IMPORTANT: In order for the customer to use the reward, a corresponding coupon must be attached to this reward. (In the example above, you would need to attach a coupon that takes $5 off the order)

CLICK HERE to view "How to Create and Use Coupons"

6. Check the box below if you would like your customer to be able to redeem this reward more than once. (This just means that the customer can redeem this award every time they have enough points and choose to purchase this reward with their points. This does not mean they can use the coupon attached over and over again)

7. Click  to save this reward.

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