Setting up Email and Fax and Text Messages

Potential Issues with Email, Fax, and Text Messages

Potential Issues with Email

1.  Email a very reliable source for receiving you online orders.  If your email provider is having an outbound delay then your emails could be delayed.  This is very uncommon.  It is recommend to use the Dashboard if you experience this.  

2.  The other issue with email is when your email provider blocks or sends your orders to your spam folder.  To test this add anther email address (with a different host) and place a test order.  

For example if your email not receiving the orders is then enter a gmail email into the receiving methods or another email not ending in  Then run a test.  If your other email is received please check to see if your provider is blocking the mailing address.  The mailing address is either "" or " "

We recommend using a gmail account for receiving online orders.  If you want your orders going to your email address you can create a gmail account and enter it into the Admin Control Panel.  You can then forward all of the emails to your email, in this case "".

Potential Issues with Fax

Fax is not a recommend method for receiving online orders.  Although it is a popular method, MenuDrive is relying on a third party to send the faxes.  If they have issues (which is rare), the faxes will not go out or be delayed.  You would receive an error alert in this case.  We recommend the ZipNotify Printer and the Dashboard

If you have entered your Fax number and you are not getting faxes make sure your fax machine is setup properly.  You may receive a failed fax email with the issue.  Ex: No Answer, or  Busy


Potential Issues with Text Messages

Most Cell phone services will send out text messages.  In some cases you may have a carrier that will not send the text message out.  Test with a different Cell phone carrier.


Setting up Fax, Email, and Text

1.  Log into your Admin Control Panel

2.  Click on "Order Receiving Methods".

3.  Click on "Setup Email, Fax, and Text Methods"

4.  Add Email, Phone number, and/or Fax number

5.  Save and place an online order to test.  Click on "View Storefront" and place a test order as if you are a patron.  *Note you must turn your location on, set Store Hours, a Payment option, and a Menu Item setup to place a test order.  You can then turn your site off if you are not live yet.

Note* You can only add one Fax number.  You can use two different Fax numbers if you have one set to one "Order Type" and anther set to a different "Order Type".  This is because when an order is placed, only one fax is still being sent depending on the "Order Type".

You can use multiple email address and phone numbers for text messages.  Email and Text is highly recommend to notify you that you have an order.  The email will display the full order.  The Text message will just notify you that you have an online order. 









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