Beginner Guide (Creating Menu: Group, Category, Item and Modifier)

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There are 4 Steps to Building your Menu.

1. Step 1: Menu Groups

2. Step 2: Menu Categories

3. Step 3: Modifiers

4. Step 4: Add Menu Items


Step 1: Menu Groups

When creating your Online Menu you first want to add your Menu(s).  Most of the time it will just be "Main Menu".  

Admin Control Panel Setup Example

Store Front View 

Note 1* There are no design settings applied in the photo above.  There also are no Categories added yet so only "Main Menu is Displayed. 

Note 2* Some people get "Menu Categories" confused with "Menu Groups" Menu Categories would be more specific such as "Sides", "Pizza", "Beverages" These Categories would all go under the Menu Group "Main Menu"


Step 2: Menu Categories

You can add your Categories here.  Select your Menu Group and enter the Category name, description, and number of "Sizes".  

Note* If you do not make the Category visible it will not display

Admin Control Panel Setup Example below shows 2 categories created and a third category being created with up to 3 sizes (BEVERAGES)

If you have more then one size you will need to enter the size names. You want to have a total of the size options in the entire category.  For example for "BEVERAGES" if you have 20oz, 2Liter, and Fountain Soda. you would select 3 sizes.  

***NOTE: You cannot add sizes after a category has been created.  You will need to contact They can add sizes or delete them for you.  

Note* You will not be prompted with entering a size name if you only have 1 size

Storefront Photo Of the Main Menu and Categories created.

Step 4: Add Menu Items

Note* Adding Menu Items can be Step 4: or Step 3:.  Step 3: Modifiers is what you attach to your Items.  For example if "Wings" is an Item you may have a Modifier for the sauce.  You would attach this to the Item "Wings"

First Click on Step 4: Add Menu Items, select your Menu Group and then the Category.

Now Enter the Item, the description, and advanced settings if you would like.

Note* POS ID is related to using a POS integration.  If you are using a POS company integrated with MenuDrive you will need to enter the PLU in this field.  POS machines do not understand "Item Names".  They understand the PLU.  Contact if you are using an integration.  If you are not using an integration you can leave that field blank.  You can also check with your POS Dealer if there is an integration with your Point of Sale machine.

Choose your size(s).

Note* If you do not select a size it will not display on the storefront for your customers.  

Reminder* If may have a category with numerous sizes because one of the items in the category may use a specific size and the other item(s) may use different size names.  For this example we are only using "12 pc" so "Regular and the other size will not display.

Now enter the Price and click update.

Note* You must update the price before adding Modifiers.  In this example we do not have any modifiers yet.  Ignore Size POS ID unless using a POS integration.  

***If you enter a price into a size accidentally, you cannot delete it.  You will have to delete and reenter the item.

To view the Store Front that your customers will see click on "View Store Front" to the left.

This is the Front end of the website of the Item just created.  Remember the Item is found under "Main Menu" and "Appetizers"

Note* The Website does not have Design coloring yet.  You can update the design under "Design Settings".

Note 2* Sometimes Items have options such as "Wing Sauce", "Add Ranch Dressing", etc.  You can add Modifiers under Step 3: Modifiers and then attach them to the Item.  See Below

Step 3: Modifiers

What is a modifier?  It is any choice you want to give your customer or a selection they have to make. 

First Click on Step 3: Modifiers

Choose the type of Modifier you want based on the customers options

Checkbox: This is the most common Modifier type used.  You can create a minimum and maximum option.  For example if the minimum is 0 and the maximum is 2 it means the customer can choose up to two options in the Modifier group but they are not forced to select the option. In this example there will have a modifier called "Add Dipping Dressings".  This will be an optional Modifier so the minimum will be 0 and the maximum will also be 0, meaning they can choose as many as they would like.

Radio Button: This option is a minimum and a maximum of 1.  This means they must choose an option to proceed and they can only choose 1 option.  For this example there will be a Radio button for the type of "Wing Sauce"

Dropdown: This is like a radio button but it is a dropbox option instead of a radio button.

Quantity Signs:  This is used if you would like to have multiple choices. For example "Choose up to 10 choices" may be a good fit.  The min would be 0, the max would be 10 and the total number of modifiers is how many a customer can choose of the same Modifier.  

Half Topping Matrix:  This is most often used for a Pizza Matrix.  It will have a choice for "1st Half, Whole, 2nd Half.  Extra is optional.  For example if you have pizza toppings a customer may want to choose if Pepperoni is on the 1st half.

Custom Topping Matrix:  This option is like the Pizza Matrix but you add your own labels.  It is especially good for subs and salads where you want to offer none, lite, regular, and extra for toppings.


First Modifier for the Wings Example is going to be "Choose your Sauce".  It will be a radio button since only 1 choice can be selected and the customer has to choose one.


 Once you add the Modifier Group it can be found under "C" since it starts with "Choose".

 Now add your options for this group.  For this example I am not adding a price for the sauce

For this Wings example there will be one more option. "Would you like a Dipping Sauce".  This modifier will be a Checkbox since the customer will not be forced to add a "Dipping Sauce".

Find the Modifier under "W" Since it starts with "Would".  Add the choices.  Since the minimum is 0 and the maximum is 0 the customer can choose as many options as they would like but they are not forced to choose an option like a radio button.

Now the the modifiers are created you can tie them to the appropriate Item.  In this case "Wings".  

Edit Menu Items

Click on "edit Menu Items and find the Item "Wings" under the Main Menu Group.

Click on the Item or the "paper and pencil".  The red X will delete the Item from your menu.
Note* If you run out of an Item or Modifier it is recommend to make the option "Invisible".  This way you would not need to recreate the Item/Modifier  You can do this for Items under "Advanced Settings" for that Item.  For hiding Modifiers you can click on Global actions to hide the Modifier since they may be under different Modifier Groups.


Editing "Wings" continued.

Since "Wings" is being Edited (adding Modifiers) click on "Update Item & go to Price", select your size and add the modifiers

Make sure you click "Add" once you find your Modifier Group

Notice that there are two Modifiers attached.  Now look at the Storefront by clicking on "View Storefront" and finding the Item "Wings".

 Notice that you cannot add the item to your Cart without selecting a sauce since it is a radio button.

"Would you like a Dipping Sauce?" is a checkbox that is optional.  It is not required.

Note* If you do not see the "Add Item Button" it is because the website is not turned on or you have a broadcaster that is disabling online ordering.  





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