Returning Credit Card Payments

Sometimes you may need to return credit card payments due to an online cancelation.  To do this please follow these steps.

1.  Log into your location's Admin Control Panel

2.  Click on "Order History"

3.  Find the online order that needs to be returned.  

4.  Click on "Return" 
Note* Do not click the red x.  This does not return the payment

5.  Click to confirm you want to return the payment

Note* Once you confirm you cannot undo this action.  WAIT UNTIL IT SAYS APPROVED. If it does not contact your Credit Card Gateway service.

Note* If you do not see a return button this could be because
1.  You are using a POS integration and processing on the machine or 
2.  You are using a Gateway that does not have a return payments option from MenuDrive's Admin Control Panels.

To check the Credit Card processing method go to "Credit Card Processing in your Admin Control Panel.  
If you are processing on your POS machine you should be able to return the payment on your POS machine.  If you are using a Gateway that did not allow the "Return" feature call the Gateway listed and have them assist in doing a refund.  

Final Note* You can only do partial refunds on the POS machine if you are using POS instead of a Gateway.  If you are using a Gateway you cannot do a partial refund.  You would need to 
1.  Reach out to your Credit Card Gateway service (Listed under "CREDIT CARD") in your Admin Control Panel or
2.  Refund the customer at the restaurant with cash. (This is just a suggestion of what other customers have done.



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