Creating Meal Deals

Many Restaurants have a "Specials Category".  These can also be referred to as "Meal Deals".  

Example:  "Party Deal" - 2 Large Pizza, Wings, and a 2 Liter Soda for $24.99

In Menu Drives System the Item will be something like "Family Meal Special" and the Modifiers will be the Items.  If those Items have Modifiers (Pizza Toppings, Wings Sauce, Soda flavor) you will create a Modifier inside a Modifier.  


Follow the Example below

Front End of the Website Screenshot 


When "Party Deal is select on the Front end of the Website


Building the "Party Deal" Above.

1.  Create your Items as Modifiers

Choosing 2 Pizzas


For the Modifier above the Modifier Group is a Checkbox with a Minimum of 2 and Maximum of 2.  This is because the Deal is for 2 pizzas.

Below we need to add our Choice "Pizza 1" and "Pizza 2" 

The Front end of this Modifier will look like the Screen shot below

When a customer Selects "Pizza 1" and "Pizza 2" they need to choose a crust and toppings (In this example).  To do this you need to create a Modifier inside a Modifier.  

First create the "Original Modifiers" for Pizza.  Below is for the type of crust.  

Add the Options under the Modifier Group (See below)

Next create the "Original Modifier" for Toppings for the pizza.

Add the Options under the Modifier Group (See below)

*Note:  For this example I am only using "Crust" and Toppings" as the Modifiers.  There may be more for your Pizza.

Now that the "Original Modifiers" are created for "Pizza 1" and "Pizza 2", go back to the "Modifier "Choose your Cheese Pizzas and click "Edit Pizza 1".  

Now add the Modifiers (Choose your Crust and Choose your Pizza Toppings) to that Modifier.  

The Front end will know "slide over" when a customer chooses "Pizza 1.  See the Screenshots below.

When customers select Choices and click "Continue"


Once you have built all of your Modifiers for this "Party Deal" You need to create the Item and Attach the Modifiers.

Click on "Step 4: Add Menu Item

Next Select the Menu Group and Category.  Enter the Item Name


Click on "Update Size" and add the price/attached all of the Modifiers.

Once you have the Modifiers attached this is a screenshot of the front end of the website.

Note* The only Modifiers attached to this Item "Party Deal" are 

1.  Choose your Cheese Pizzas
2.  Choose your Wings
3.  Choose your Soda

There are Modifiers attached to these Modifiers (Remember "Choose your Crust and "Choose your Pizza Toppings" are attached to "Choose your Cheese Pizza".

In this example I attached a "Wing Sauce to "Choose your Wings" and "Type of Soda" to "Choose your Soda".


To sum up when creating "Meal Deals" you want to 

1.  One master Item (In this example "Party Deal")

2.  Create Modifiers that are normally "Items".  In this case they will attach to Party Deal.

3.  Attach the appropriate Modifiers to Modifiers (In this example "Choose your Crust and "Choose your Pizza Toppings" are attached to Modifier "Choose your Cheese Pizza".  Pizza is normally an Item but in this case it is a Modifier that will attach to the Master Item "Party Deal".






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