How to setup Auto Print


  1. Log into your Admin Control Panel. Then click on the View Location button.
  2. Click on the My Account link at the top. Then, click on the API Profile button (under the Developer Space section).
  3. Generate an API Transaction Key. Record the API Transaction Key, Login ID, and Location ID for later use.
  4. On the same page, enable the order confirmation alert feature. Input an email address and click the Update Settings button. This feature will alert you if an order is not downloaded by the program within 5 minutes from being placed. This is beneficial if your store loses internet.
  5. On the same page, under Manually Confirm Existing Orders, click the Confirm All Orders button. If you have existing orders in your account, this will prevent the Auto Print program from downloading and printing all previous orders as soon as you start the program.
  6. On your computer, make sure that you have Java installed. If not, you can download Java for free from this link
  7. Make sure that your Printer is connected and working. To check, open up Notepad and print out a test page.
  8. Download the Auto Print Setup file from this link Run the setup file to install the program. After it’s installed, the Config Settings window should automatically open.
  9. For the Config settings, paste in the Transaction Key, Login ID, and Location ID that you created in step 3.
  10. Complete the other Config settings:
  • Enter your Alert Email Address (the program will email you if there is a printer problem)
  • Select your Printer
  • Select your Paper Size (80mm is standard)
  • Select your # of Print outs
  • Select Stand-alone or Shared Printer (we recommend choosing Shared Printer)
  • Click to Ring or Not Ring
  • Click the UPDATE button to save your settings

11.You're now finished! Click on the APService button and START the program. Place a test order to make sure printing works.


  • Make sure APService is always turned ON to receive online orders. The button at the bottom right of your screen should always be green with "AP Service (running)".
  • If you are using a dedicated printer for online orders only, then choose the “Stand-alone Printer” option. Make sure your printer prints out most tickets fast (within 10 seconds); otherwise, you will get an error and stop the program. We suggest selecting the “Shared Printer” option.
  • If you are sharing a printer for online orders with another program, then choose the “Shared Printer” option.
  • If you set your program to Ring, then make sure your computer has the audio drivers installed to play sound. Otherwise, you will get an error and stop the program.
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