MenuDrive Launch Guide: Success Starts Here

MenuDrive Launch Guide: Success Starts Here


Welcome to MenuDrive, a branded online ordering platform that allows your customers to order food directly from your website. With easy setup for you and an easy ordering experience for your customers, MenuDrive is perfect for today’s online customer base. It’s never been more important to offer your menu online and we want to make sure you succeed. The purpose of this launch guide is to help you get started taking orders, promote your online storefront, and increase the number of online orders you’re receiving.


We’ve broken it down into a week by week plan and given you some resources to use as you progress through setting up online ordering. Don’t worry- you can get started taking orders right away, these are just some helpful things you can do in the early stages to ensure you’re successful.


Table of Contents

Week 1
     Establish Your Process
     Personalize Your MenuDrive Store
     Promoting Your MenuDrive Store
     Emailing Your Customers
     Engaging with Your Customers on Social Media
Week 2
     Increasing Your MenuDrive Business
Week 3
     Setting up Your Loyalty Program
Week 4 and Beyond!


Week 1:

The first week will be the busiest, because you’ll have some one time set-up things to take care of. The following weeks will be mainly focused on increasing business.

Establishing Your Process

Takeout and delivery orders aren’t the same as orders for the dining room. While there’s no need for this to be a massive undertaking, you do want to establish some new processes and make sure you train your staff. To-go orders need to be sent out perfectly, because you don’t get a second chance to swing by the table and see if everything’s ok. Here are a few quick tips:

  • You’ll need space dedicated to your online orders.
  • Have separate areas for pickup and delivery orders. Your delivery couriers will be in a hurry and unable to wait in line with customers picking up orders.
  • Review your local health department requirements on maintaining temperature for hot and cold food items.
  • Consider bagging hot and cold items in separate bags to preserve quality.  However, make sure you develop a system with your staff to stage the hot items and cold items in a manner that it is easy to combine them when it’s time for pick-up.
  • Train your staff to take a careful look at every order before it goes out the door. Make sure they’re double checking that the name matches the order and that the delivery couriers are getting all the sauces and utensils.

Personalizing Your MenuDrive Store

Now that you’ve got a MenuDrive account, it’s time to make it your own. The goal is for your online storefront to match your brand. You want to try and match your main website theme or menu design and to use your logo and colors. When customers arrive on your storefront, you want them to recognize it as the restaurant they know and love in person.


To customize your storefront, navigate to Design Settings in the left-hand navigation bar. Once in Design Settings you’ll be able to add background, header, footer, and ad images as well as choose your colors and add graphics like your logo. Click here for step-by-step instructions within Design Settings. Here are a few examples of how you can personalize your storefront:



Promoting Your MenuDrive Store

Ok, now that you’ve got a great-looking storefront it’s time to let people know about it! There are a few ways to spread the word and draw business. During week one, we’ll focus on an email and social media posts focusing on the launch of your store.

Emailing Your Customers

Email is still a great way to communicate with customers, and hopefully you’ve got an email list from your POS or previous marketing campaigns you’ve done.


To create an email in the MenuDrive platform, navigate to Email Marketing on the left-hand navigation bar. You’ll need to set up your server settings first and then you can create your first campaign. You can find step-by-step instructions here.


When building an email, use a headline with large, bold font. Try to make it grab the customer’s attention, you want to encourage them to read the rest of the email. You don’t always have to be giving people a discount or offer when you email them, but if you’re not, you want to make sure you’re giving them something else of value. In this case, you’re letting them know you’re online and taking orders which is a big deal, but people get tons of emails from businesses, so make sure you’ve got a good reason every time you email.


We’ve created a launch email template for you to use during week one. Just copy and paste and insert your restaurant name. This email is specific to the pandemic we’re currently facing that’s driving so much online ordering, but you can always write up your own email copy if you want to take a different approach.


*We’ll repeat this a few times because it’s very important- you always want to link directly to your storefront in every email and on social media like we did in the first example below. Make it easy for your customer to get to you.



Week 1 Email Template (Launch announcement):


As of Now: Order Online with [restaurant name]! 


We’ve gone online so you can order from home. We know it’s tough to be unable to visit your favorite restaurants, and we really miss seeing you. But, to make sure you can still get your favorites, we’re now offering online ordering for pick-up and delivery! Check out our new online store and we’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Engaging with Your Customers on Social Media

Social media is still king! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the three platforms we recommend for building up your online ordering business- if you’re savvy with other platforms, use them all! We’re providing you with social media post ideas for the first four weeks. We recommend repeating a post multiple times. Not all your customers will see it the first time and if it’s an offer that’s going on for a while, keep posting about it throughout the duration. Not every social media post has to have an offer. Unlike email, it’s ok to use social media to just say hi and remind people you’re there.


Here’s your second reminder: you always want to link directly to your storefront in every email and on social media like we did in the first example below. Make it easy for your customer to get to you.


Week 1 Suggested Social Media Copy


Online ordering is now live! We miss seeing you all, but we’re determined to keep serving your favorites while supporting social distancing efforts. You can now place an order online for takeout or delivery.


Online ordering is here! We’ve still got all your favorites and we’ll bring them to your door! #yourrestaurantnamehere



In order to comply with new restrictions we have closed our dining room. But, we’re now offering online ordering so we can keep serving you the food you love. Stay safe out there.


We’ve had to close our dining room, but we’ve gone online to make sure we can keep serving you. Place an order now! #yourrestaurantnamehere

Week 2

Increasing Your MenuDrive Business

Now that you’re set up and have announced your launch, you’ll want to work on driving more business. One of the easiest ways to drive business is with a good deal. We know money is tight for your restaurant right now, but it’s tight for your customers too. The most important thing is to keep yourself up and running. In order to drum up more business, especially in the beginning, you’re going to want to offer some deals. And to keep people coming back, you’re going to want to set up a Loyalty Program. Luckily, MenuDrive has a loyalty program built in and the ability to create all kinds of coupons.


Coupon sounds kind of old school, and you’re probably not going to be mailing out actual physical coupons (although you could, for something different). Think of these as discounts and offers that you’ll mostly be using in the form of a code. You can create all kinds of coupons, you can turn them on and off, reuse them, make them one-time only or valid for a certain amount of time. You’ll navigate to the left-hand navigation bar and select Coupons to get started. You can find detailed instructions here.


We recommend going big in week 2 with our preset “50OFFNEXTPURCHASE” coupon. This code gives customers 50% off. It’s set up for one-time use only and is a great way to get orders coming in. With a coupon this big, you’ll want to get the word out by email and on social media. Here’s some copy for you to use.


Week 2 Email Template (50% Off):


Get 50% Off Your Next Order!


Tired of sitting at home? Self-isolating is hard but we’re brightening your day with a 50% off coupon! The discount is good on your entire order. Just use the code 50OFFNEXTPURCHASE at check out.


Week 2 Suggested Social Media Copy


Distract yourself with a half-priced meal! We’re offering 50% off your next purchase. Just use code 50OFFNEXTPURCHASE at checkout.


Enjoy a half-priced meal on us. Use code 50OFFNEXTPURCHASE to get 50% off your entire purchase. #yourrestaurantnamehere


As we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to offer something every time you post on social media. You can say hi, share a funny video, or link to a useful resource. Social media use will be high as people practice social distancing and self-isolation. Here’s another idea for week two, try alternating between this and the 50% off post throughout the week.



We know this is a hard time and we just wanted to reach out and say hi, because we miss you! Post your funniest pet videos below, we could all use a laugh right now!


Hello to all our friends and family out there. We miss you and can’t wait to see you at (insert your restaurant name here) when we come out the other side! #yourrestaurantnamehere

Week 3

By now you’ve got orders coming in and processes in place so you feel comfortable with your takeout and delivery strategy. A great way to keep customers ordering more is to sign them up for a loyalty or rewards program. Luckily, MenuDrive has an easy, built-in program for you.

Setting up Your Loyalty Program

MenuDrive offers two types of programs, one based on dollar amounts and one based on the number of orders placed. So, you could reward your customers with a certain amount of points for every dollar they spend and then let them use those points to buy menu items, or you could do a program where after 10 orders they get a specific discount or free menu item, or a combination of both. The reward can really be anything you want, you set it up by following the easy steps in the Loyalty & Rewards section of the left-hand navigation bar. Click here for step-by-step instructions.


We’ve set up a loyalty program for you in the system and if you want, you can just use that. But we’d encourage you to think about your customers, your menu, and your profit margins, and make any changes that suit your needs. Here’s what the program looks like:

  • 5 points for every $20 spent, after 50 points the customer receives 15% off their next purchase.
  • 25% off the 11th order.
  • 10 percent off on your first order after signing up.


This loyalty program is a points based system making it simple for you and your customers to keep track. When you’re thinking about whether this program is right for you, think about your average ticket size, if your average is $100, this system would give a discount after every two orders placed, approximately. If your average is $20, it would take 10 orders to achieve a discount at which point they are awarded 25% off anyway.


*Tip- come up with a catchy name for your rewards program and start using it in email and social media campaigns. And remember- always link to your online platform! 


Here are some Loyalty Programs that your fellow MenuDrive users have found success with. Pick the one that’s right for you and replicate their success!


  • Tier system based on the amount of points a customer builds up. So, until a customer reaches 100 points they remain in tier 1 where rewards are 10% off, but after 100 points they qualify for 15% off and after 200 points, 20% off.
  • 1 point per every $5 spent.
  • Free dessert for signing up.
  • Free delivery on a purchase over ‘x’ amount of dollars.
  • Extended delivery zones for loyalty members.
  • Free meal after 10 orders placed.
  • Instead of monetary benefits, offer rewards such as branded merchandise- think t-shirts and coffee mugs.

Once you’ve got your loyalty program in place, you need to let customers know about it. Here’s an email template and some social media copy to help you out.


Week 3 Email Template (Loyalty Program):



Sign Up for Our Loyalty Program and Get 10% Off Your First Order!


We’re so glad to have you as a customer and we want to show you how much we appreciate you! Sign up for our loyalty program and you’ll get:

  • 10% off your first order
  • 5 points for every $20 you spend
  • 25% off your 11th order

Thanks for sticking with us!


Week 3 Suggested Social Media Copy


Don’t miss out on big rewards! Sign up for our loyalty program to start building up points. 10% off your first order after sign-up!


Sign up for our loyalty program today and get 10% off your order. We love our customers! #yourrestaurantnamehere #yourcatchyloyaltyprogramnamehere

Week 4 and beyond!

The hard part is behind you and now it’s just a question of keeping those orders coming. This is not a set it and forget it scenario. You want to keep engaging your customers and reminding them why they love ordering from you.


Email and Social Media are your cheapest and easiest ways to reach out, and we recommend you continue to use both. Social media can be used more often, but email is far from dead, as you probably realize from your own inbox.


Here are a few parting tips for social media. Instagram is a great way to tempt people with tantalizing food photos, Facebook is great if you want a longer post explaining your new platform or how your restaurant is dealing with the current crisis, and Twitter works perfectly for flash deals and quick menu updates. Remember that shorter is always better when it comes to marketing, even on Facebook. Post at least a few times a week and for each offer you create make sure you post about it 2-3 times while it's still going.


Follow this link to learn about uploading photos on Instagram.

Your MenuDrive account allows you to email customers on their birthdays, set up campaigns emailing customers who haven’t placed an order in a while, and various other strategies to show customers they’re your top priority.


Also remember that you’ve got plenty of coupons already set up in the system that you haven’t used yet. You can decide if you want a new coupon weekly, or a couple of times a month, or even monthly. As long as you don’t leave the same coupon too long, customers will get bored.


You can offer different discounts on different platforms, for example, send an email with one offer, post on Facebook about another offer, and offer a third discount on Twitter. Then track the success of each offer to learn where you’re attracting the most business and which coupons are the most popular.


Here’s an email template and social media for a few more of the pre-set coupons.


Week 4 Email Template ():


This week’s offer- 20% Off!


We’re giving you 20% off your next order! We’re happy to be able to continue serving you and grateful for your support. Visit us online to get your 20% off. Use the code 20OFF.


Week 4 Suggested Social Media Copy


With our online ordering services you can get the food you love delivered to your door! Use the code 5OFFNEXTPURCHASE to get $5 dollars off your next delivery order.


We want to thank you for being amazing customers! Today only, order online and use the code 5OFF15DISCOUNT to get $5 off any order over $15. #yourrestaurantnamehere #todayonly


That’s the end of our Launch Guide! We’re so happy to have you as a MenuDrive customer and want you to know we’re dedicated to your success. We’ll be updating this guide continuously with new tips and tricks.




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