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Welcome to MenuDrive! 

If you've seen this message:


A complete online ordering system has been provided to you. This system contains some pre-set features including online and mobile Storefronts, email marketing campaigns, and coupons. You can use these features immediately to promote business for your location. 

This article provides descriptions of the features and instructions on how to turn them off or change them to suit your business needs.

We’ve provided two marketing campaigns intended to bring you new customers:

Happy Birthday
20% discount on next order (within 7 days)

We’ve provided six Coupons:

20% Off first order after signing up
20% Off second order (within a week)
20% Off Birthday
50% Off
20% Off
15% Off

We’ve also included a customer loyalty program and a broadcast message for all your online customers to see.

Important: This sign up is only effective for one MenuDrive location. If you have more than one location, you can self sign on for each location, or add more locations from your Admin Control Panel.

Go-Live in 20 Minutes CheckList:

  1. Add your taxes .
  2. Review your operating hours and address.
  3. Add and Adjust your menu .
    1. Import your menu using a CSV file .
    2. Simplify your menu to your top 5-15 items by hiding menu items.
    3. We also suggest removing items that are hard to make, may run out of stock more easily or do not travel well for pick-up and delivery orders.
    4. Right now, focus on crowd favorites that you can quickly make.
  4. Check your online url.
  5. Turn your order taking on and check again.
  6. Use your favorite social media photo and tweet, post and email it with a link to your online ordering storefront.
  7. Add Payment Methods .

Getting Started

Your Storefront

The first thing you should do is open your favorite internet browser and type in the URL for your Storefront. The URL is<the name of your restaurant>. Remember this URL was generated by computer, you need to type in the name of your restaurant exactly as it appears on your Lavu account.
You will see a generic storefront that we have set up for you so you can start receiving orders immediately. 


After you've created your menu, and before you announce your new online storefront to your customer base, please run a test order or two to make sure everything is working properly. Just start selecting menu items from the menu. Your menu will be displayed on the left side of the screen, where you see View our Menu on the sample screen above. 

Your Mobile StoreFront

If you are going to accept mobile phone orders, you’ll also need to visit your mobile Storefront. Using the browser on your smartphone type in the same URL to see and test your mobile Storefront.


Like the Storefront, you have the ability to make adjustments to the look of your mobile Storefront. Just click Mobile Design Settings.


Read an article

Your Admin Control Panel

You will be able to change the Storefront and other features we have set up for you in your Admin Control Panel (ACP). In your browser, go to to confirm your Admin Control Panel login credentials. Your username and password are provided on your thank you message.


Once you are logged in, you can see a menu on the left side of the ACP.

Location Profile

Select Location Profile from this menu to verify/change the following values that appear in your Storefront:

  • The address of the restaurant
  • The phone number of the restaurant
  • A description of the restaurant
  • The cuisine types available at the restaurant (we pulled this information from Yelp/Google)
  • Whether or not to accept ASAP and/or Advance Orders (we set this to ASAP)
  • What types of orders will be accepted (pickup or delivery, or both) (we set this to pickup for you, until delivery is ready)

You can also verify/edit:

  • Turn On / Turn Off Ordering
  • Set up a Broadcaster
  • The name of the restaurant location
  • A website address for the location:<the name of the restaurant>
  • How much time needed to prepare and deliver an order (set to 30 minutes)
  • The minimum order amount for delivery (set at $20.00)
  • The delivery charge, if any
  • Whether delivery charges are based on the subtotal BEFORE any discounts are applied OR delivery charges are based on the subtotal AFTER any discounts are applied.

If you’d rather turn off online and/or mobile ordering while you make adjustments to your Storefront, here are the instructions to do that.

How to properly turn on and off online ordering

  1. Access the “Location Profile” settings page under the location settings header in the admin control panel.
  2. Notice the on/off toggle switches for online ordering can be found at the top of this page.
  1. Verify whether you wish to turn on/off Desktop Online Ordering, Mobile Ordering, or both.
  2. Click the desired on/off toggle switch(es) to switch from off to on or on to off.
  3. Click the Save Settings button at the top or bottom of this page to save your settings.

Payment Methods

Click on Payment Methods to set the types of payments you are willing to accept.


You can also add your tax rate on this screen, and allow tips during checkout.

Credit Card Gateway

Please contact Lavu to get your credentials for LavuPay. Then click on Credit Card Gateway to enter those credentials, and you’ll be ready to accept credit card payments for your online orders.



Store Hours


Watch a video.

If you find any errors in the Store Hours on your StoreFront, select Store Hours from the menu to make adjustments. We added delivery hours to your Store Hours. We imported the same hours for delivery as the open hours we found in your Lavu account. When you open the Store Hours page, be sure to scroll down to check the Delivery hours.


Order Receiving Methods


To receive orders on your POS, in the same way that orders taken in your restaurant would appear, you may need to change some settings in your POS.

But first make sure your MenuDrive is connected to your Lavu POS.
Click on Order Receiving Methods and Setup Lavu POS integration.  


To open the Setup My Lavu POS Link page.


For details on Setting up your Lavu POS Link see MenuDrive Jump Start - Make sure your MenuDrive is connected to the Lavu POS.

Then click Setup eMail & Text, to get to the interface to set up email or text alerts.



Design Settings

Watch a video.
Read an article

Don’t like the way your StoreFront looks? Select Design Settings, to change or delete the background image, Header image, Footer image, and small ad image. This interface will also let you change the colors of the Storefront. Please pay attention to the size limitations for the images as displayed on the interface.
For detailed instructions see Designing your MenuDrive Storefront and How to design your MenuDrive Storefront 


Watch a video.

We have also provided a Broadcaster. This Broadcaster will appear as a pop-up window over the Storefront, for every customer to see. After reading the Broadcaster the customer can easily close the window.

We provided a broadcaster to encourage first time visitors to your storefront to make a purchase. 

If you don’t want to offer a 20% discount, you can delete, edit or turn off the Broadcaster from the Location Profile page of the ACD.

  • Navigate to the Location Profile page in the admin control panel.
  • Click Broadcaster.
  • Click the appropriate button next to the desired broadcaster that you want to edit or delete. 
  • If deleting, confirm the deletion.
  • Choose edit to turn off the Broadcaster.
  • If editing, make your changes and scroll down to click the Submit button.


Watch a video.

We’ve provided six coupons to get started. Only one of these coupons is currently available when a customer visits your Storefront, 20OFFFIRSTTIME. We’ve provided this coupon to encourage customers to place an order on their first visit. This coupon is marked as PUBLIC, meaning it will show on your storefront for all customers. Coupons marked as PRIVATE will only be available to the people you choose to show them to. 

You don’t have to offer all of the coupons we set up to your customers. To see more details, click Coupons on the ACP menu to see the Coupons page. Once there, you will see a list of the coupons we have set up for you. Coupons are meant to be attached to Marketing Campaigns, using email and social media you will get the coupon codes out to your customers, they can’t take advantage of the coupon unless you provide them with the code.

Coupons Provided:

You can View and Edit coupons, Delete coupons, or turn them on or off. Just click the View/Edit button to find the On/Off buttons for a particular coupon. You can also adjust coupon values and expiration dates.


Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Watch a video.

Loyalty & Rewards Program provided:

Customer Loyalty Program

The customer loyalty program includes these incentives:

  • 15 percent off on your first order, after signing up for the loyalty program.
  • 5 points for every $20 spent, after 50 points you get 20 percent off your next purchase.
  • 50 percent off your next order, after 100 points.

This loyalty program is a points based system making it simple for you and customers to keep track of. Although points are based on dollar amounts spent, for rewards we used percentage discounts, not dollar amounts. This makes it easier and allows for varying ticket sizes at different restaurant types.

Although we recommend loyalty and rewards programs to our customers, you may choose to turn off or edit the program we have set up for you. To do so, click Loyalty & Rewards Program from the ACP menu to open the Loyalty & Rewards Program page. 

Click the Edit button, associated with an individual program, and you will see a selector to Turn ON/OFF Loyalty Program.

From here, you can also make adjustments to suit your business needs.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Watch a video.

Campaigns provided: 

  • Happy Birthday
  • 20% discount on next order (within 7 days)

The Happy Birthday campaign uses the BDAY20 coupon. 
The 20% discount on next order campaign uses the 20OFFSECONDORDER coupon.

Click on Email Marketing to see the Marketing Campaigns we have set up for you. An email marketing campaign consists of an email and an optional coupon. If the campaign involves a discount, you need to give the coupon code within the email. 
For each campaign you will see a checkbox to enable/disable the campaign. Just click Edit to find the Enable checkbox.


Here is the complete Birthday campaign as it appears in the Admin Control Panel:
NOTE: The coupon code and its details should be entered in 2 places, in the email and in the (optional) Include a coupon code and its details in the email message section.

Adding and Adjusting your Menu


Group/Category/Item Availability (if you imported a large menu)

Online ordering is a bit different for full service restaurants. There are certain menu items that are not suited for takeout or delivery, they just don’t travel well. Takeout and delivery of other items, mixed drinks for example, are prohibited by law in many areas. In this section we will show you how to adjust certain menu groups, categories, and items that you may want hidden or not available on your online ordering site. Other menu adjustments you may want to make are for items only available on certain days and certain times of day, a Sunday brunch menu for example. Here’s how to make the adjustments.

Step 1 - Groups

On your MenuDrive Control Panel, navigate to Step 1 - Menu Groups, select the group you
wish to hide/deactivate, click on Advanced Settings and toggle the boxes on whether you want
the group active or visible.

Step 2 - Categories 

On your MenuDrive Control Panel, navigate to Step 2 - Menu Categories and select the Menu Group from the dropdown box which contains the category you wish to adjust. Find the Category that you wish to adjust and then hit the Edit button, this will pull up the Category for update. You will see a section labeled Make Visible so simply set that to Yes or No depending on whether you want that category visible or not. 

Step 3 - Items    

On your MenuDrive Control Panel, navigate to Edit Menu Items. From the dropdown box at the top of the screen, select the menu group that contains the category and item you’re looking to adjust. Next you will select the item you wish to adjust and click on the Edit button. 

Once you’ve clicked on the Edit button, you will find yourself on a new page.

Hit the Advanced Settings link which will open up more options in which you can adjust item availability/visibility. You will see options for Available which needs to be set to Specific. Once you select Specific it will give you the option to choose Day(s) or Date Range(s) that this item will be available. You will also be able to dictate specific times of day the item is available, or just check the All Day box to make it available 24hrs. To add multiple days simply click on the +Add day range link at the bottom of the page. 

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Updating Taxes

On your MenuDrive Control Panel navigate to Payment Options under Location Settings.
Here you can adjust specific payment options, set your tax rate and whether you want it to apply
on the subtotal before discounts, or apply tax on delivery charges.
NOTE: Please comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding taxes in your area. If you are not sure what the laws are, please find a tax professional for help.


Congratulations! You can now start taking online orders!

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